Who is 14F1? What is device 2720?
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My PCI Simple Communications Controller has bitten the dust.

When I start up my crusty eMachines T2682 classic desktop computer these days I get the good ol' WinXP Found New Hardware Wizard prompting me to install drivers for my "PCI Simple Communications Controller". Sadly it cannot locate said drivers, and it turns out that "PCI Simple Communications Controller" is Device Manager-speak for "WTF is this?"

As this computer has failed bit by bit I've become more adept at reading tech forums, and as usual they've dealt me a cryptic clue to this puzzle. I learned that Device Manager deals out very little info about "PCI Simple Communications Controller", but what little it gives can be used to find drivers to reactivate the ? device. The Device Instance Id is
which, I believe, details the device vendor as "14F1" and the device itself as "2720".

Vendor 14F1 is listed as Conexant Systems Inc., a modem chipset manufacturer. However, for the life of me I cannot find their device 2720. None of the pci id lists that I've read match that device with vendor 14F1.

What am I missing? What is this mysterious device?

Maybe relevant: During video playback the audio snaps in and out, at random. I have not reinstalled Windows lately. I upgraded to SP3 a few weeks ago, then immediately reverted to a restore point. One of my RAM sockets has gone bad, the computer freezes occasionally, and I think the whole mobo might be dying. Is this some extension of that growing problem, or is there a local solution?

I ask this last because, while I know I need a new computer and will be purchasing one when the wallet is ripe, I'd like to use this opportunity to learn some about how computer guts work and what to do get them to work when they don't. Percussive maintenance only goes so far.
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A small, possibly related data point - I installed SP3 on my uncle's Compaq Presario last night, and got nasty blue screens at reboot. After two or three reboots through safe mode, I started getting the new hardware wizard for the "PCI Simple Communications Controller."

I checked out the device manager, and there was a hardware entry for it - with yellow question mark and all. I promptly ignored it, and once I had SP3 up and running (after lots of googleing and a single changed registry value), the problem disappeared. Having never actually used restore points in XP, I'm not sure how effective they are - is it possible that there's still some remnant of SP3 causing some weirdness?

Also, since it's a conexant chipset that it's complaining about, do you have a pci modem that's just sitting there, doing nothing? If so, have you tried taking it out? If it's integrated in the mobo, you could try disabling it.

Really, my money is just on your mobo going flaky.
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This page has all the drivers for your system.
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(Download and install them.)
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In the end, I just disabled the device. So far there hasn't been any change in my user experience, aside from not seeing the New Hardware Wizard anymore.
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