Where do I find a sauna in Houston, TX?
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Where do I find a sauna in Houston, TX? After living in Berlin for a bit over a year, I'm living now in Houston and looking for a place to go with friends to sit and relax in a sauna. Is there a place to go that'll have a 185-210+ degree sauna? Which are the best for groups, etc? (So far all I've found are gyms- and even those segregate by sex... which defeats the purpose of going with a group of friends).
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We just call it July and August. It's free for the taking for anyone who stands outside.

A cursory google of Houston+sauna suggests a few spas among the possibilities. No idea if those are also segregated.
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Response by poster: haha, (for what it's worth, I don't feel much temperature... genetic condition) yeah outside it's 70*F...

I'm trying to avoid a "day spa" - they're generally require facials/massage or what have you, with a sauna space sometimes offered as "while you're waiting".
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