Can you find Night Owl, by Bobby Loveless?
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Where can I find a digital copy of Bobby Loveless' 'Night Owl'? It's an old rock and roll tune (late fifties - early sixties) which was hugely popular in Louisiana (and throughout the Delta region). I have been looking for it on behalf of my father-in-law, who is a huge fan of this era's music? It's pretty obscure, I acknowledge.
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They have it here. They say you can register and download it for free.
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It is not free.
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lee: I can't seem to find it on the MP3xclusive site, nor can I see it on Mp3sale, both of which that site links to.
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And, as a followup, I'm willing to pay for it... maybe not $30, but an amount that seems more fair.
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As in lukemeister's link, the song appears to be called 'Nite Owl.' Dunno if that'll help your searching, but, hey, couldn't hurt.
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A couple GEMM sellers have the 45, too, this guy (w/poor reputation) for $4.50 and this guy (w/better one) for about thirty bucks. The bad news, though, is that Allmusic doesn't list Loveless' version at all, which means that it's probably never been reissued on any easy-to-find CD compilations.
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This guy seems to have it, listed under its flip side 'Baby No More', but it looks like he's going out of business this month.
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I'd contact Chuck at gumbopages. He covers all things food, drink and music with an emphasis on all things nawlins related. He has encyclopedic knowledge of the local music history - and wrote the liner notes to a really terrific box set. (Come for the music, stay for the politics and food...)
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The answer to The Giant Squid...

I also have a Bobby Loveless C.D. for sale besides the 45 r.p.m. mentioned
It is called Night Owl by Bobby Loveless with special appearence by *John Boudreaux..

It is all original cuts from the 70's...Awsome and rare

1. Choo Choo
2. Danny Boy
3. I've Got a Song
4. Night Owl
5. I Love You
6. Lucille *
7. T'aint It the Truth *
8. Funny How Time Slips Away
9. Baby No More
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