how do i get tickets to the streets in munich next month?
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i just want to see the streets!!! how do i get tickets in germany???

so i'm going to greece and coming back to munich on november 9th in the morning. mr. skinner plays there that night, about 8ish. i want to stay another day in munich since the train stops running at midnight to garmisch. where the hell can i get tickets? i tried the streets's website, no link. i googled germany concert tickets, germany ticketmaster, etc etc etc. is there anywhere i can get tickets online??? the sooner the better for me to know this so i could tell my boss.... :)
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Here you go: M√ľnchen Ticket. Click on 'Weiter zur Kartenbestellung' to order tickets.
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You can contact the venue here. I don't read/speak German, but it looks like they're not on sale yet. But when they are, it seems they sell them from the website.
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