Recording studio in Tokyo
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I am in NYC, how can I find, in Tokyo ("near the Palace"), a recording studio that can record an interview between two people and send me the file? And an ISDN line connection would also be ideal.
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Can't help you with the recording studio but anywhere that provides teleconferencing services ought to have an ISDN line. Or a conference center, or a hotel that provides conference space or meeting rooms might have one as well.
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yeah, I had ISDN in the late 90s . . . not much better than 56K really (compared to ADSL).
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The Merrill Lynch offices in Tokyo fit the bill - except of course they are ML's facilities. Know anybody who works for ML in NYC who can ask a Tokyo colleague?
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I would (perhaps naively) call WNYC or stop by and see if they'd let me peek at their list -- a while back I was interviewed for Studio 360 and they had a huge list of private studios near me with these exact specs that their stringers used to submit stories, record "in studio" interviews, etc. I'd imagine NPR has a list of places like this all over the world, down to the backup-backup-backup-emergency vendors.

Then again, looking at your profile, maybe you're working there now, in which case, never mind. :)
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