Can you recommend places in San Francisco or online to buy interesting silver+gemstone jewelry?
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Can you recommend places in San Francisco or online to buy interesting silver+gemstone jewelry?

I need a necklace (preferably with matching earrings) for a special occasion. I'm thinking that something silver with some color, maybe semi-precious gemstones in various colors, would be nice. Something feminine and somewhat delicate. Could be vintage, could be modern.

I've been looking around Etsy and found some that are close to what I'm looking for but none is exactly right and I find it really difficult to browse in any efficient manner on Etsy. Any other ideas?

If there's a place in San Francisco that I should check, I'd be open to that, too but my time is limited so online might be better.
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I would like to recommend Deborah Wilson's work.
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Many Etsy artists do custom work. If you see someone whose design aesthetic is spot-on, but you want a different color palette or a specific stone, try dropping them a private message.
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If you bring your design to a high end bead store, they'll help you make them yourself. It won't be cheaper than buying them, though, unless you skimp on materials. I don't know where the bead stores in SF are, but Baubles and Beads here in Berkeley is good. If you want to rough it (customer service-wise) and save a little money you can brave General Bead down on Minna.
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Gallery of Jewels in Noe Valley (they have other locations in SF, but the Noe store is the only one I've been to) has gorgeous stuff. And Yelp folks seem to love them.
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Fllux on 18th in the Castro have some beautiful work. To get an idea of the kinds of things they carry, click on the "Artists" link and then the names of the individual arftists.
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I think Noe Valley is the place to go if you're looking for girly jewelry in SF. There are several shops along 24th, and I've found the best stuff in Qoio (self-link picture here) -- it has a wide variety of stuff, from sort of silly to classy.
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