Pictures from a YouTube video?
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Lets say I'm watching a video on YouTube and I pause it at a part that I think would make a good picture, a good still shot (e.g. it's a video of my son singing and at one point he smiles beautifully and I want a picture of him smiling). Is there a way to make a copy of that still shot and post it on a website?
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Screen capture. On Windows, hit the "print screen" button, then paste into Paint (or a better image program).

Mac: Command-Shift 3 for the whole screen or Command-Shift 4 to select a part of the screen. It will be saved as Picture1.png on your desktop.
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On a mac, Shift-Cloverleaf-4 and drag the rectangle around the image you want to save. It will appear on your desktop.
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The easiest way I can think of would be to take a screenshot. If you are on a PC just hit PrintScreen and then open up MSPaint or Gimp or Photoshop and paste the image then crop it. If you are on a Mac use Apple-Shift-3 or Apple-Shift-4 and a screenshot will pop up on your desktop.

Easiest place to host and post images online in imageshack, doesn't even require a login. Alternatively, put it up on flickr or photobucket.
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PC or Mac? Because if it's a PC, Print Screen will put the full screen to the clipboard. The go into paint, hit Paste, select what you want to save, copy it, then open a new Paint and paste. Save and post.

(Obviously if you have other image editing software such as Photoshop you can paste that way and use the crop tool.)
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On a PC, you can also use the nice little utility Zapgrab to take screenshots of particular areas of the screen. On Mac, there's also a load of Dashboard widgets that allow you to do by-area screenshots.
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On Windows, Alt+PrtScn screencaptures only the active app.
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Then use the free and totally awesome pic viewer IrfanView to paste, crop (Windows: Ctrl+Y) and save the Alt+PrintScreen copied window image as a JPG.
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Also, this site suggests that you can even do it from within Windows Media Player (which might produce better effects):

"Tools -> Options -> Performance -> Advanced -> uncheck Use Overlays -> Done."
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