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quick! good place for brunch in seattle with vegan options?
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Best answer: Cafe Flora on Madison
posted by tristeza at 9:25 AM on October 4, 2008

Response by poster: but not strictly vegetarian. i need meat
posted by nihlton at 9:25 AM on October 4, 2008

How about vegetarian meat? In the Bowl on 1554 E. Olive Way serves veggie meat and only veggie meat. The duck is ok but not really ducky, the chicken tastes just like the real thing and the veggie shrimp is close enough but strangely textured. No-one I was with tried the fake beef. Too strange.
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Hillside Quickie's Cafe, Capitol Hill and 15th Ave E.

Roasted Yam sammich. TDF!
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The vegan options are pretty limited, but if the vegan(s) could be happy with oatmeal or porridge (the only two vegan options on the menu that I saw), Portage Bay Cafe in North Lake Union or South Lake Union is a possibility. Haven't tried the vegan options, but the non-vegan items are very tasty.
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Smith on 15th has a great brunch.
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If fake meat counts, Vegetarian Bistro in the ID has great vegan dim sum.
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Sunshine Cafe on Roosevelt is vegetarian, probably has decent vegan options.

Wayward Cafe is vegan, and quite good imho, if you want a more bicycle-punk vegan atmosphere.

I'm a meat-eater but at neither of those places have I missed having meat available.
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Here's a direct link to Cafe Flora.
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Silence Heart Nest in Fremont (on 36th near the statue). Vegetarian place, with vegan options. I'm not either of these, but their food is excellent and prices are reasonable. It's run by a religious group, which is a little odd, but the service is great.
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Another vote for Cafe Flora.
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If you need meat, which you mentioned in a follow-up comment, then call a few places and ask if they serve vegan options. The Blue Dog on University Ave has recently added tofu scrambles to their menu, and they have meat options for omnivores. They have parking, but their dining room is small and often crowded.

I know quite a few other places in town offer vegan options in addition to meat, but I'm having trouble thinking of them. Call around to a few places and ask. I've found most decent Seattle restaurants to be accommodating.
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