Do you know this Sam Hunt poem?
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"Burying my Father," by Sam Hunt. Does anyone know this poem?

A good friend of mine just lost her father. She's looking for a specific poem by Sam Hunt, and hoping to find it somewhere on the internet. We've been searching all day and have struck out. Although there is loads of poetry on the 'net, Sam Hunt seems strangely...absent. From what she tells me, it's only "about six lines". She's in NZ, and I'm in the states, and with little I can do to help her in this time, this seemed like something that might be possible.

I checked Amazon for books by Hunt, but many of them are out of print, and I can't even find a reference to the poem anywhere. Can anyone help me find this poem? Either the poem itself, online, or a book that contains it?
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Is it this one?

My Father Today - Sam Hunt, 1977.

They buried him today
up Schnapper Rock Road,
my father in cold clay.

A heavy south wind towed
the drape of light away.
Friends, men met on the road,

stood round in that dumb way
men stand when lost for words.
There was nothing to say.

I heard the bitchy chords
of magpies in an old-man
pine... 'My old man, he's worlds

away - call it Heaven -
no men so elegantly
dressed. His last afternoon,

staring out to sea,
he nods off in his chair.
He wonders what the

yelling's all about up there.
They just about explode!
And now, these magpies here

up Schnapper Rock Road...'
They buried him in clay.
He was a heavy load,

my dead father today.
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(that one I found here
Schapper Rock Road is just 10 minutes away from here...
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If that is not it, I'm not adverse to visiting my local library to flick through an actual book or two.
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Response by poster: Not it. Sorry it took me a while, I had to get it to the friend, and then wait to hear back. This is a lovely one, though.
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