Anyone know of a similar tool to Rasterbator or
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So the Rasterbator is offline, actually all of is offline. Anyone know of a similar tool?
posted by Keith Talent to Computers & Internet (5 answers total)
Photoshop works for me. If you don't have that, I'm sure some freeware/shareware/opensource graphics applications would do the trick too. Plus they never go offline. :)

posted by pwb503 at 10:19 AM on September 20, 2004

i'd say photoshop is a little more complicated for most than the rasterbator. btw, seems to be back up now.
posted by bob sarabia at 11:08 AM on September 20, 2004

Try the "Tone" filter. Available here for free. Works with Photoshop and any program that uses the same filter format, such as Paint Shop.
posted by Termite at 11:25 AM on September 20, 2004

dotamatic's an open-source desktop app that does the same kind of thing as the Rasterbator, with some more options - although I haven't actually made a big picture with it.
posted by wilberforce at 10:18 PM on September 20, 2004

Nice filters there Termite. And yes, I checked and the Rasterbator is up again... this time IN COLOUR.

posted by bdave at 10:39 PM on September 20, 2004

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