Can I upgrade my ram to 2GB?
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Can I upgrade my ram to 2GB?

I have a Fujitsu Siemens D1675 motherboard. It currently has two 512mb sticks of ram and the third slot is free. Can I add a 1GB stick to the third slot or do the sticks all have to be the same size? I came across this page but I am still a little confused.
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Best answer: It depends on the two sticks you have. If they're 1x512's, then yes, you can add a 1gb to the third slot. If they're 2x256's, then you can't. You could swap the two 512's for 2 1gb's, though.

To see if they're 1x's or 2x's, look at the chips. If there are chips on both sides of the stick, it's a 2x. If there are chips on only one side, it's a 1x.

You can always go to and let it scan your computer, it generally tells you exactly what you can/should do.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I get it now. I will have a look tomorrow to see if they are one or two sided sticks.
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cpuz will tell you what you have without needing to open anything.
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cpuz is a brilliant little program, and one of the few left that doesn't require any sort of install or support files. (There's also gpuz, which does the same thing for video cards.)
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