Non-Pornographic Neutrally Posed Naked Men?
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I am looking for non-pornographic nude photographs of men, neutral pose, front and side views, but the signal v. noise ratio has prevented me from turning anything up.

Ideally, there would be photographs of men at differing ages, of differing body types, and of differing nationalities. I have tried using Google, and I have looked at "art" books of photographs; with both, I've not been able to find anything that isn't erotica targeted towards gay men. The purpose for which I'm seeking this is similar to the author's purpose for this book.
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This Flickr group seems OK. There are LOTS more, but you will have to do a little wading.
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The Human Variation Project seems like a good source for this.
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The Human Variation blog has neutral, front, side, and back shots of both males and females of varying body types and ages.
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Try this. Not free, but reasonably priced and you should find what you need.
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