How can I get a programming job abroad?
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Help a computer scientist find an interesting job abroad, preferably in Japan

I have an MSE in CS and 5 years professional experience and I'm interested in living someplace new before I get too old. I'm open to working most anywhere, as long as the work is computer science and interesting. I'd most like to work in Japan, as I've done an internship there before and have several years of Japanese study that I'd like to hone into real fluency.

What are some resources, or specific companies that I should investigate to help me find work as an expatriate geek? American companies with expatriate programs would be especially good.
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If you can read this page, you're good to go, for that at least. If not, prolly not.

Mr Cockle's adobaisu here is pretty useful IMO.

This is just unfounded conjecture, but I fear the days of "Big Science" comp-sci is largely behind us.

Microsoft Research might be a place to go if you have a good study area that integrates Japanese and Microsft~1's technology
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Job Dragon
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