Finding a Disability-Friendly Technical Job
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I can't keep living on disability. I can't go back to school. I'm not good with people. How do I find a part-time job that I can do? Are there no very-part-time CS jobs aside from freelancing?

SSI is not covering my costs of living. I need a job that's within my abilities. I can only work 3 weekdays, plus maybe Sunday (though working Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday would be preferable to working Mondays). 3-4 hours a day is my likely limit.

I had to drop out of school - a Computer Science major at a decent university - because of my health - not so much drop out as decide not to try yet again after being kicked out the third time, which makes it much harder to go back. I don't know how to search for part-time programming jobs, if they even exist. Is it a matter of watching the job boards and Craigslist until I find the rare <15 hrs/wk job? I wouldn't know where to begin networking with no contacts.

Outside of programming, what else should I look for? I'm dealing with some fairly serious social anxiety and degradation of social skills, and I can't always rely on my body to carry me physically for hours, or I'd be applying at coffee shops or for help desk/IT support positions. I don't mind working on a team or with people, but I don't think I could handle customers.

The other option I see is to do freelance programming over oDesk or something similar, but having a stable job (with fewer taxes vs. SSI problems) would be preferable.

So, my questions are basically: How can I find very-part-time programming (or Linux sysadmin or similar) jobs? What other kinds of jobs should I be looking for? Is there any other option I'm missing?
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There are a lot of free CS courses on the web. Improve your skills. Build a site, show what you can do, and approach local employers for part-time work.
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Would you be happy doing tech support over the phone? It's not fun, but it pays a little better than minimum wage.

Also, have you talked with the folks at Ticket To Work and your state's vocational rehab office? When my employer gets people for part-time work it's often though a partnership with someone like that.
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A place like oDesk might be right up your alley since you can do it all remotely. Most jobs do need to be done ASAP, though. Can you work more than 3-4 hours in a block of 24 hours if you can rest in between them? Do you have any access to mental health resources who could help you with the social stuff?
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I've met some people who resell stuff from thrift stores/garage sales/etc on eBay or Etsy. If you can fix computers/electronics, buying cheap or getting for free from Craigslist/Freecycle and fixing might be an option?

I knew a person on disability who did tailoring on the side. Hemming, sewing, etc. They charged slightly less than the professionals, something like $5/pant for hems. Is there something in your talents you could offer where you could set up a similar system?
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Perhaps freelance work-from-home software testing like uTest or Pay4Bugs?
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