No Wig for Old Men
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Looking for bits and pieces for 'No Country for Old Men' Halloween Costume...Anyone know where I can get a 'Javier Bardem' looking bowl cut wig ?
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If you already own a pair of scissors, you should go to that part of your town with cheap Beau-T supplies, or else here, and DIY.

But the part of your town with cheap Beau-T supplies and knock-off handbags should have exactly what you want - voice of experience here.
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Seconding Lesser Shrew. You can't buy a wig that hideous -- you've gotta make that bowl cut yourself.
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There are very cheap black straight-haired wigs available at all party stores. Especially this time of year. Just look for a Cher wig or something and trim it down.
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Might be able to find one if you search for "Robin Hood" wig.
The style is called a "pageboy", which might also be a bhelpful keyword.
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It's not quite a bowl cut because of the curled-under ends, which will be hard to achieve with a self-cut wig- the cut ends will be straight and you can't curl a synthetic wig. So yeah, search "pageboy" wigs, and then put on the wig & style it by sweeping the bangs to the side with a bit of regular hair gel and a tucked-under bobby pin.
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Response by poster: Awesome tips. Thanks a lot!
posted by ashepp at 1:13 PM on October 3, 2008

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