Really rapid transit
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Has anyone else encountered really fast, almost reckless, driving on Minneapolis buses today?

I take a train and two buses each way to get to work and back home. The first train and first bus today were okay, but the second bus ride was really crazy. The driver was going like a bat out of hell. Passengers were all giving each other looks like what's going on with this driver.

I just assumed we'd gotten a flaky bus driver. BUT tonight on the way home, all 3 rides were just as crazy. Both bus drivers were racing, beating yellow lights, herky-jerky stops and starts. Both buses and the train were all running about 2 to 4 minutes ahead of schedule.

I know there's a fare increase taking effect this week. I was wondering if the company has been on the drivers' case to make sure they run on time this week. On time is good, but running ahead of schedule can be just as bad when you are trying to make connections.

Does anyone here have any insider info on Metro Transit?
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I work in Downtown St. Paul and see buses running yellow (and red!) lights all the time. I haven't seen it more lately, though.
The only "insider info" I have on Metro Transit is this: When they came to my workplace to discuss plans for the week of the convention, I overheard one saying that they were so grateful the republicans would be here, and not the democrats. See, the dems wanted to use 75 Metro Transit buses, and with the State Fair park-and-rides, they would be using all the available buses, even some that were just marginally safe.
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I took two buses today. One into work, and one home. I live south of the cities near Lake Harriet, and I work downtown. The bus this morning arrived at my stop about 5 minutes late, but other than that there was nothing out of the ordinary with my rides today.
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I almost got t-boned by a bus last Friday night -- apparently red means "go faster" for metro transit drivers.
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Bus drivers blow through "amber" lights in every system I have encountered.

They have a schedule to follow; They are huge compared to cars, which means that they are highly visible, and cars aren't going to play chicken with them; And I'm sure that cops give buses a lot of leeway.
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Last year a video camera caught a Washington DC Metro Bus using its mass to intimidate oncoming drivers to make a left turn. As it did so, it ran over and killed two women legally crossing the street at a crosswalk. The very disturbing video is linked to here.

Most bus drivers drive safely, but a large city system hires thousands. If 1% are irresponsible jerks.... Watch your ass.
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Response by poster: It hasn't happened since, so I guess it was just a one-day fluke getting four crazy rides out of a six leg round trip.

And it sounds like no one else had any similiar experiences at the same time.

My apologies for not following up sooner.
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