Bringing U.S. laptop to Buenos Aires
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What king of laptop adapter/transformer do I need for Buenos Aires? I have a U.S. Apple MacBook Pro with a THREE-pronged grounded cable.

As far as I'm aware, I will need both an adapter that will work with my 3-prong grounded U.S. cable and also a converter or transformer to adjust the voltage. Is this correct? Does anyone know where I could purchase these items? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you
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Best answer: You simply need an adapter to change the plug. A voltage transformer is not necessary as the MacBook Pro's power adapter, along with almost every other laptop's power adapter, can take any voltage from 100 to 240V. You could get this kit from Apple if you want an official adapter that slides into your MBP's power brick, but it's a bit overpriced. Also, if you can only find a two-prong adapter, that's OK. The third ground prong is not strictly necessary with the MBP.
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When I got to BA I walked into a tiny electronics store across the street from my hotel, pointed at a socket and was given an adapter for about $1.
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Second what everyone else has said. All you need is the Argentinian plug adaptor. When I went to America, I rewired a spare US plug head I found lying around the house onto the end of a British extension lead. This was able to provide power for all my UK electronics for the duration of the trip.
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Actually, I'd like to point out the above technique works for devices using a power "brick" or transformer. But for the OP's MBP, it should be no problem.
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