London hotel recommendations.
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London hotel recommendation?

We're looking for somewhere nice but not exhorbitant. The array of options seems dizzying - I just discovered all sorts of lovely little townhouse hotels after spending hours looking at the big hotel-y places. So I thought I'd ask here for recommendations. (I would have thought someone asked this already but a search found nothing.) This is for mid-November, ideally around a hundred pounds a night. Thanks!
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the Morgan Hotel right next to the British Museum is pretty nice and not very expensive for (appalling) London standards
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have you seen the front page? -

as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared!
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Can I thread-hijack and ask for London hostel recommendations, as well?
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Response by poster: There was a previous London hostel thread!

And that greatsmallhotels link has only four in London and they are pricey.
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I just stayed at a good cheap place--40 pds a night and up...full breakfast too. Hotel George, in Bloomsbury--nice australian lady manages it.

Cunning, you know that 100 pds=180 bucks?
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Response by poster: Ugh, really? Boy, the exchange rate has gone to hell since I last checked!
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No Cunning, the exchange rate has not gone to hell. The dollar has gone down the toilet. War, debt, you know, the usual crap.
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I live in London, so don't know that much about hotels here.. but I would say, the big chains (hilton, radisson, etc) have hotels outside the city centre which do good deals sometimes. For example, there's a Hilton near where I live (Angel), which has cheap deals sometimes in the autumn, and which is 15 mins away from Oxford Circus - so ultimately, don't be afraid to go outside the centre. Don't go any further than zone 2 on the tube map, though.

Also, Travelodge have a big advertising campaign running here at the moment, saying they're really cheap (I haven't cheecked this). You're talking Holdiay Inn standards.
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As a Londoner myself, if I was on a budget I would probably aim towards a Travelodge, Jury's Inn or Holiday Inn type place. There's a lovely Travelodge in SE1 down by Clink Street.

The problem with the small "townhouse" type hotels is that unless you pay a lot of money, the cleanliness and amenities can be disappointing.
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The Regent Palace in Picadilly was about 80 pounds a night when i stayed there last. Don't let the name fool you - the rooms are super duper small and not in any way fancy - but clean and very functional. We paid an extra few pounds for an en suite bathroom that was quite possibly the smallest thing I have ever encountered - but in my opinion worth it. My research turned up another similar place that looked like it had a bit better furnishings near Hyde Park called the ceasar - but online reviews were pretty mixed.
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There was a Travel Inn i kept walking by, right near Euston station that had an 79pds a night could try them. (it was a highrise, looked like a Comfort/Quality/etc standard.)
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A good area for hotels is near Gloucester Road tube, on the Piccadilly line, which is good for Heathrow airport. The Holiday Inn on Cromwell Road (the smaller one, in SW7 ) does good deals and although it is a Holiday Inn with all that entails it does have a lovely garden. By the way, what on earth is a "pd"? Is it an £ (£) when it's at home?
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