Does Savagnin exist in the U.S.
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How can I find wines from Jura in the New York and New Jersey area, ideally close to New Brunswick, and/or Atlanta. I'm only interested in the wines based on the Savagnin grape, specifically the Macvin du Jura, Savagnin, Vin jaune, and Vin de paille. I should also find rillettes de canard (or other animals), pre-stuffed escargot, miel (honey) and syrup of violate and/or lavender, but these items are less serious and maybe easier.

I don't much care for the blends of Savagnin & Chardonnay. Just fyi Savagnin is very different most grapes (and has nothing to do with Sauvignon). I'm also interested in trying Traminer family wines from other countries.
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Call the Corkscrew Wine Shop in Princeton.
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Vin jaune is really hard to find in the US, in part because the non-standard bottle size complicates imports. There are importers, though, and you're best calling them to find current stockists: there's a list namechecked in this NYT piece, particularly Jeffrey Alpert (based out of Tenafly) and Neal Rosenthal.

The other stiuff? FrenchyBee online. Or Monin for violet/lavender.
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I'll suggest Sherry-Lehman in Manhattan (61st and Madison).

Nothing shows up on their website, but I've always found the staff knowledgeable and helpful.
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In Atlanta, try either Sherlock's or Ansley Wine Merchants.

I know Sherlock's will special order.
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Best answer: Chambers Street Wine def has both Vin Jaune and Vin de Paille, as well as all other sorts of fun Jura wines. I have a few bottles of Savagin + Arbois in my collection at the moment.

I love reds from that part of the world.

I'd caveat that by saying they moved their store down the street in the last few weeks, so their inventory is a bit out of whack. But everytime I've been there they have both of those weird little wines.

Astor and Crush probably have them as well, but generally Chambers is cheaper by a buck or two (and nicer).

Sherry-Lehman is a great store - but super expensive.

Also Ed Behr had a great article about Vin de Paille/Vin Jaune + Comte + Walnuts in the the Art of Eating maybe two years ago. Worth a look if this is an area of interest.
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