It cuts/prys/screws like a knife
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Where to buy a Gerber Artifact in Toronto, or at least order in Canada.

I'm looking to buy a Gerber Artifact. It seems like a nice simple cheap tool to have in my pocket. However, buying from Amazon (or anywhere else I've found online) makes it over $35 after shipping to Toronto - a bit more than it's probably worth to me.

I've tried a few outdoor supply stores (MEC, the crappy one across the street from MEC, Sportcheck in the Eaton Centre), A few hardware stores, and a couple army-surplus stores that have a good selection of new knives. No luck yet. I'm running out of ideas. Any help?
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Best answer: pm me. we rep Gerber products into Canada and are in Toronto. I don't recognise that particular item but I'll see what I can find.
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