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I'm interested in producing music videos...

I'm interested in producing music videos; it's something I've wanted to do for a really long time. Some basic get-a-camera-and-film-stuff kinds and some more conceptual kinds. For the latter, what I envision is something along the lines of those stylized, animated-graphic videos, such as What Barry Says (not a music video) or Chinese Translation or You! Me! Dancing! or DVNO or Wait for the Summer. What kind of software is needed to produce videos like that? I'm pretty good with Final Cut Pro, and I've dabbled in After Effects and 3DSMax. I'm working on OSX now. I'm not really looking to produce things that require extensive 3d modeling/texturing/animating/etc - if there is 3d work I want to do it will most likely be really basic modeling though I figure there will need to be a lot of texturing/lighting work for things to look good. I'm guessing that a lot of the 2d animation is done in After Effects, but I don't really base that guess on anything.

Also, any general tips about producing music videos and perhaps breaking into the industry (I've read a previous similar thread but I'm looking for more)? I'm at school now for pre-med but I'm considering changing over to some graphic/motion-design oriented field if this really resonates with me. In the spring I'll probably take some of those courses to get a feel. I'm in philly now, if anyone can offer tips/suggestions specific to the area (ie where to go/who to talk to).
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If it were me, I'd to two things simultaneously.

1. Work on your reel and push your limits with the software. Yes, After Effects, Motion, Final Cut and the like. Download tutorials, take courses etc. But don't rely on these; do them only to build a good reel and become excellent at what you do. During this process, create your own music videos. Approach bands off MySpace and friends and produce music videos for them, most likely for free. If you have a copy of After Effects, there's nothing from stopping you from making music videos already. There's no breaking into the industry. You are the industry. Don't dabble; embrace.

2. Intern or get a job in an animation studio, post production house or ad agency. These are usually found in big cities like New York, Chicago and L.A. There are probably several in Philly. Call them all and make sure they let you in. Build a resume. Move if you have to.

Here's a nice site to get you started:

Good luck!
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