What are some of the best depression/anxiety related communities/forums out there?
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What are some of the best depression/anxiety related communities/forums out there?

I've been fairly disappointed by the recommendations in the past on here and particularly in tastybrain's thread on the matter a while back. What I want is a real real community. When I say a community, I don't mean wings of madness , beating the beast, crazy boards, uncommon forum. Those all suck. No one replies to any threads on there. The top thead gets like -5 replies.

Do these communities where replies are plentiful just not exist? Am I expecting too much by having more than 1 member reply to a thread of mine? Healingwell and depressionforums seem to be good forums, but again they've got like 20000 members and they can't get more than 10 replies to a thread? What gives? These communities with all of these members are useless if no one replies.

Has anyone else experienced this? What are (if any) some anxiety/depression forums where lots of people reply to posts?
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Anxietytribe forums seemed well-populated and active when I used to post there, but it's been a while. There's also a Depressiontribe.
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Psychcentral is a pretty good(active) community
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thanks for the repleis so far. i was expecting a few more though..
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