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Can Henry Kissinger play guitar?

I know, stupid question, but I get one a week. Can he? Does anyone know if he's ever taken lessons? Obviously he could pick one up and strum, but actual chords...?
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I vote no. He presided over Colbert's Decemberists guitar battle but didn't play - I don't think Colbert would have passed up the opportunity to have him play a bit.
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There is this Monty Python song about him, but there is no guitar part. I think he play a horn.
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not that i'm aware of, but lee atwater was an accomplished guitarist. like kissinger he was a notorious and often vilified high-level political operator. maybe someone's getting them mixed up?
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Alan Greenspan was a semi-pro clarinetist and used to chill with Stan Getz. That's what comes to mind for me from the question.
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My uncle used to jam out with Kissinger and some other guys in his garage back in the day. Everyone wanted to play guitar, but since Henry owned the PA, he got to be lead singer/guitarist. According to my uncle, though, he couldn't play to save his life.
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Your search - guitar - did not match any documents.

From Kissinger: A Biography by Walter Isaacson, 1992.

That said, apparently Russell Baker wrote a 1974 column musing about Kissinger being unable to play Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on the bassoon (at the fictional request of a head of state), writing that the Secretary of State's aide insisted he could play seven other instruments including blues harmonica and the sacbut.
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