Source code refactoring website?
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I'm looking for a website where people post source code and then others comment on improvements.
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This comment says better than I could why there aren't very many. (The thread itself is an answer to your question though).
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What I would like to see is a journal where snippets of source code are compiled and written about the way one would collect poetry and commentary on that poetry. One could start with the classics, things like the original Unix source code and TeX and such, or famous examples like the Morris worm or DECSS. Or a series of examples of disparate ways to do the same task in a language like haskell or common lisp, with commentary on the various approaches.

Some code out there is beautiful.
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Make it open-source, and if it's a useful application, programmers will look at the code, contribute if they feel it's lacking, and likely give you feedback on further improvements.

Sites like Sourceforge may be useful for collaboration, or if you just want feedback developer sites like Codeproject where you simply post the zipped code and people can comment on any bugs or major flaws (although you'd probably want to explicitly request code improvement feedback).

If you don't know what design patterns are, make a serious look into them.

You may get more useful replies if we know what language you're using.
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Refactor My Code
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You might also like Stake Overflow.
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If the code happens to be Perl, you can often get helpful comments at Perl Monks. True puling incompetence may well be ignored, of course, but if you've got workable code at all, the Monastery is a pretty good place to make it more efficient, readable, and Perlish.
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