Firefox extension that lets me open links by dragging them?
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i'm looking for a firefox extension that, when i highlight an in-text link (ex: - one that is not hyper-linked) and drag it to the side, the link opens in a new tab. i don't want to have to drag it to the tab bar or a new tab button. i used to have an extension that allowed me to do this several versions of firefox ago, but i just can't seem to find it anymore. any thoughts?
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Not exactly the same, but I've been very happy with Linkification. It automatically converts text URL's to clickable links. Then it's just a matter of middle-clicking the link to open it in a new tab (or right-click -> Open Link in New Tab).
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It's not exactly what you want, but I have firefox set up to turn text URLs into hyperlinks, so in the post above is a link. As such I can open in a new tab like a normal link, no dragging required.

I am achieving this with the extension greasemonkey and the script linkify.
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... or dragging it to the tab bar, for that matter.
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I have this ability and looking through all my add ons it seems to be Quick Drag. It lets me just drag a highlighted area off to anywhere on the screen and opens up as a new tab. If its a link it goes to that page. Otherwise single words go to dictionary definitions and images get saved.
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There's a Firefox extention called Smart Link that lets you highlight a text link, and then right click and select open in new tab (or same tab or new window - it's customisable). Unfortunately it stopped working when I updated FF to 3.0.
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Easy DragToGo, SuperDragAndGo, and Drag de Go
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one extra mouseclick, but fetch text url is what you're looking for. when you right click on any link-ish text, you can either open it in a new tab, current tab, or new window. incredibly handy.
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Easy DragtoGo does it for me.
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