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Phill Niblock. Peter Hansen. Jóhann Jóhannsson. Terry Riley. Distant trains. Find me more gorgeous, drifting, droning horns, please.
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Harold Budd
posted by bricoleur at 9:09 AM on September 24, 2008

Aphex Twin's ambient records are nice (not horns but drony)

La Monte Young is someone you should explore.

Tony Conrad.
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I almost forgot! Pauline Oliveros!!!
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Hoketus, at times.

Tony Conrad, for strings rather than horns.
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Jaques Coursil
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Andrew Chalk, Giusto Pio, Scorces first self-titled, Kawabata Makoto's first Inui...
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Booker Little--Out Front
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Do fog horns count?

Ingram Marshall's "Fog Tropes" might be right up your alley.
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Tony Conrad, for strings rather than horns.

I saw Tony Conrad here in NYC at PS1 this summer, and he brought a giant compressor and hooked it up to two horns, which he would play intermittently. The horns were screechingly loud and droning; combined with his strings, it was great.
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Building on Ponderance's comment recommending Pauline Oliveros . . . There's a minimalist/avant garde trombone player by the name of Stuart Dempster. His album "In the Great Abbey of Clement VI" and his collaboration with Pauline Oliveros and Panaiotis on "Deep Listening" (released by New Albion records) are exactly what you are looking for. These albums were recorded in a huge cistern, so "gorgeous, drifting, droning" is what you get.
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Maybe you'd like Chessie. There are train themes as well as ambient, drifting stuff...not much horn action though, to the best of my knowledge. Still, you might like it if you like that other stuff.

Also, have you checked out It's a great resource for figuring out more about what you may plug in an artist you enjoy and it pulls up other pieces by other artists. I think it does a pretty damn good job too, and has relatively obscure stuff--I plugged in Keith Fullerton Whitman the other day, not exactly the most well-known musician ever, and it brought up tons of other not well known musicians that I'd never heard of, but which I enjoyed as well.
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suedehead, that Tony Conrad performance sounds great-- the compressors were playing the horns? If so, maybe the OP can rent that rig!
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Alvin Lucier (especially the Charles Curtis stuff)

Stephane Rives
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