Receiving Google Apps mail in Outlook 2000
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I'm having a great deal of trouble receiving my University email in Outlook 2000. My University uses Google Apps, which allows me to use Gmail as my webmail service, but does not assign me a Google or Gmail account. The domain of my email address is, not For this reason, Outlook does not recognize the username and password that I use to log into my email (through my university's website). I have tried following gmail's tutorial (complicated by the fact that they don't offer one for Outlook 2000) with no success. I've tried reporting my incoming mail server as both and Any ideas? Did I miss any important info?
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Your password for accessing your mail through POP3 on gmail may be different than the password you use for your email through the web interface. The details of how this is handled depend on the specific setup of your university's IT department. You should probably contact them for support, since they will know how their logins work better than mefi will. For my university we have a specific page on the IT services' site with instructions on setting the password, but the page for my university won't help you.
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but your account is the full (so that google knows to look at that domain), not just username. See here the instructions for POP access for Google Apps.
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Response by poster: damn dirty ape: My university's IT center keeps directing me towards the tutorial provided by Google.

kiltedtaco: Thank you, I will check that out.
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I suggest using IMAP instead of POP.
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With due respect, the University's IT center is not being helpful. The Google information is not enough, maybe because of Google, or because of the peculiarities of the Univ. setup, or because you don't have the background to fill in the blanks. You are the customer. you need e-mail. The University needs to make it happen. If the IT Center isn't willing to do the job, I'd escalate to the Dean of Students, or to the Grand Poo-Bah of the IT Center, or to another office that seems appropriate, remaining humble and respectful, yet firm.
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And be prepared with a clear proposal. For example, "Yes, Sir, I'm sure that if Lowly IT Minion will just come by my room, he'll easily see the problem and with his vast knowledge he'll surely be able to solve it."
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Can you get to the tutorial I directed you to? It's more specific, has troubleshooting suggestions and a video. Particularly see: Note that your pop connection has to be able to use SSL and the port is 995. btw, have you considered another client?

FWIW-I'm the primary admin for a google apps for edu domain with over 350,000 users.
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At the risk of stating the obvious, have you enabled POP/IMAP access via the appropriate tab on the Settings page of the web interface?

You need to first go in that way and enable POP/IMAP, then go into Outlook and put in the appropriate settings (SMTP server, POP or IMAP server, username/email, password). If you don't enable the IMAP/POP feature explicitly, I don't think that it will work.

(Unless administrators can set up GAFYD so that IMAP/POP defaults to on, instead of to off as I think it normally does ... but I'd check and make sure it's on just the same.)
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Incoming Server should be
Outgoing Server should be
Check the "My Server Requires Authentication" box
Username/Account should be:

Under Advanced make sure you enable SSL for incoming/outgoing servers and change the outgoing server to 465 (it defaults to 25 I believe).
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To answer Kadin2048's question, no, they can't.
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