Firefox opening twice in two identical windows
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Eudora + Firefox + XP: every time I launch a link from within an email, Firefox opens it twice in two identical windows, and I also get a blank IE window. Needless to say, I just want one version of the link. In Firefox.
Spybot, Adaware, Hijackthis and AVG show nothing untoward on my system. Anyone else get this?
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I would get the two identical firefox windows when clicking a link in excel - this was with firefox 0.9. So far with 1.0PR I only get one window.
posted by mbd1mbd1 at 11:44 AM on September 16, 2004

Best answer: I had a similiar situation. Here was my fix.
posted by mmascolino at 11:51 AM on September 16, 2004

Best answer: There's a Mozillazine thread about this here.
posted by mr.marx at 11:55 AM on September 16, 2004

Response by poster: Here was my fix

awesome. it's fixed! and with such ease! if only everything in life was this smooth.

a thousand thank yous to all three of you.
posted by nylon at 12:01 PM on September 16, 2004

It mentions that this bug is corrected in the 1.0PR release notes. Just to say --
posted by rafter at 5:06 PM on September 16, 2004

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