Drinking Age in Canada
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I remember a couple years ago that the U.S. was trying to get Canada to follow the American drinking age limit of 21, especially in British Colombia. So, if you go up with an American ID, it must say 21 instead of 19. Does anyone know the status of this law change or if it was well-accepted by Canadian governments?
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Hopefully the Canadian government responded with blow me.
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Well, in Canada drinking laws fall under provincial jurisdiction and I can't see BC changing their laws at the request of a foreign government (let alone the federal gov't).

Plus, it wouldn't make any sense for the US to ask for one province to change as 7 out of 10 provinces (and 1 out of 3 territories) border on the US and have varying age limits.
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We'll I've never heard of this. And I can't imagine any provincal goverment agreeing to this. Especially BC who is ticked off with the US federal goverment over the illegal tarriffs being assessed against softwood lumber.
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I haven't heard anything about this, and I (until recently) lived in Windsor, which has been advertised in Michigan as "Bartown", and has seen no shortage of 19– and 20–year-olds visiting from the States.
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I've never heard of any such thing. I lived in Buffalo, and when we would cross the border with friends that were 19 or 20, they had no problem getting drinks - that's what they crossed the border for! (Okay, that and the all-nude strip clubs. =P) After I moved to Ontario, under-21 friends that have come to visit from the US have been able to go out drinking also.
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Thanks. I always halfway suspected it was a rumor to scare college students, considering i saw it on some strange website that i can't find anymore. Really quickly, can anyone suggest something to do in Vancouver or Burnaby or Richmond for very cheap this weekend?
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You can always visit one of our hash-selling cafes. That's something you won't be doing in the USA for quite some time!

Also, you could pick me up a new Mac laptop. Thanks!
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Probably started after this.
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Slimemonster: You could try to catch a show at the Vancouver Fringe Festival.
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