Streaming news?
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Do any of the major news networks offer live streams online?

I'm thinking especially of CNN and MSNBC. Do they offer live (with anchors) programming online?
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I know this isn't exactly what you asked for, but CNN (or someone) syndicates their closed caption feed over IRC in #cnn-live on EFnet. This came in super handy during 9/11 when every major news website was down and I was at work with no radio or TV.
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Not sure I understand the question, but if I go to right now there's a link to view live coverage. I just opened it up and it looks like this anchor and content are both isn't a stream of the real deal, so to speak.

Of course, they do put the real-deal online for big, pre-planned news events. I watched election returns during the primaries, as well as the primary debates and both of the conventions on and/or These all included coverage of the events themselves and commentary by anchors/pundits before and after the main event.

(Oh, and during the days leading up to Obama's VP selection CNN had a super-creepy "Veepwatch" live feed from outside Bayh's and Biden's homes. All day long.)
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