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I'm looking to create an info web site with similar features as IMDB. I'm hoping I can just adapt an existing CMS but I'm not sure where to start. I know I can go through and peruse all the biggies like Drupal, EE, etc, but I'd like to narrow my starting point, especially because of my message board requirement below.

Here's what I'd want, using an IMDB movie info page as a template: no need for ratings
various info fields (e.g. a la IMDB's Genre, Tagline, Plot, etc)
links on the side to different info pages (e.g. combined details, full cast and crew, company credits, etc)
no need for user comments
but this is the most important part: a message board for each record
and similar to IMDB, I'd like to show the most active or current message board threads shown

FWIW, my usage will be completely related to IMDB. It's just that the structure of their web site happens to work almost perfectly for my needs.

Any suggestions?
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"my usage will be completely related to IMDB"
Un related ?

I like Joomla.

Find the CMS with the biggest/best support network. And the option to get paid support. Reject the minor ones even if technically better, if the development and support isn't vibrant.

(And tell us what you're doing ? - Just 'cos we're nosey)
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Oops, yes, *UN* related.

As for what I'm doing, I'm strictly small time with no budget, so I wanted to build something relatively cheap and easy, at least to start, and I wanted to keep it a bit under wraps. But to better help everyone help me, say I was building something *like* IMDB but for books, or cars, or whatnot.

So you'd have a record for each book/car, with relevant fields for info: author, ISBN #, car body type, # of cyinders, etc. I figure everything but the message board feature is pretty simple, and any CMS could handle it. But to integrate a message board for *each* record/book/car/etc is where I'm getting stuck at.
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