What awesome photos can I take in Sioux Falls, SD?
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I'm going to Sioux Falls, SD for 36 hours from Wednesday night - Friday morning. I was wondering what the must-sees are for photo spots. (I will probably have 2-3 hours Wed night/Thurs. morning to wander around and sightsee, and I'd like to take some awesome photos during that time.

I have to work all day Thursday, and fly out Friday morning -- but I'll have a bit of time on my own in the city, and would like to show everyone back home what South Dakota looks like, so if there are monuments or museums or anything that shouts out "Sioux Falls" to you, please let me know.

(Also, if you have any awesome Sioux Falls breakfast suggestions and/or coffee shops with Wifi, that would be awesome too.)
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The namesake Sioux Falls are in Falls Park and are very recognizable to natives.

The Statue of David (which used to be turned with its ass facing a major street) is now in Fawick Park. It's iconic and also a bit of an in-joke. If you enjoy taking pictures of sculpture, there's a lot scattered around the Augustana College campus (including another Michaelangelo replica, Moses)

Saint Joseph Cathedral is visible from many parts of the city and is near the Old Courthouse Museum, so that's a bit of a two-for-one.
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Might be a bit too time consuming, but Pipestone National Monument is only an hour away, just across the MN border.
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Doesn't matter where you are in the city, just hope that while you're there, you get to experience a thunderstorm. The clouds roll in quickly, all dark and ominous. Then suddenly you're in a symphony of thunder claps and lightening bolts. Every time I've been through Sioux Falls, this has happened. If you are handy with a camera, you'll be able to get some unbelievable shots. Good luck!
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The Pettigrew House museum in Sioux Falls is pretty cool, with lots of great design details. I don't know if they allow photos though, so you might want to ask first. In any case, it is worth checking out. The Pettigrew House is in a neighborhood with lots of old, interesting houses.

I don't know about good breakfast places, but there are at least three Ethiopian restaurants in Sioux Falls!
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It may not be still up, but the SculptureWalk downtown is generally excellent.

The Washington Pavilion is a wonderful cultural center which almost always has something interesting happening.

Black Sheep Coffee (1007 W 11th St) is far and away the best coffee shop in Sioux Falls. Their staff is always friendly, they grind their own beans, and the food is terrific. I'm not sure if they do breakfast, though. It is Wi-Fi enabled.
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Response by poster: Oh this is fantastic. Thank you all! :P I can't wait to see your city (and show my Philadelphia-living parents!)
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I think everyone else hit the photo suggestions, but I'll suggest a few more breakfast places for you:

Philips Avenue Diner, also downtown near the aforementioned Sculpture Walk and Washington Pavilion. Not sure about Wifi.

Kaladi's is good, I've only eaten there for lunch but it is always very tasty.

Sioux Falls does sadly lack a huge variety of delicious breakfast places, we tended to frequent the Perkins growing up. Searching coffee+sioux falls turns up a few more, I cannot vouch for tastiness :)

(Also 0xFCAF's mom makes a mean blueberry muffin. p.s. 0xFCAF was really geeky in high school...oh wait, so was I!! Have fun on your trip to my hometown!)
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Response by poster: Thanks sararah!
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year too late, sorry -

falls park - yes

half hour away is Palisades State Park. Awesome! Going across the flat prairie, suddenly the bottom drops out, and there's something that looks like it came from the other side of the state.
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