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Is there any affordable way for someone in the US to get hold of French RCIR (rations de combat individuelle rechauffable) or British Army 24-hour ration packs?

Ebay, and, have resulted in some hits for the British variant but nothing remotely affordable for the French (EUR150.00 for shipping? Ye gods.)

I'm specifically looking for leads on US vendors that may have these things in stock, from Mefite firsthand knowledge: I'm looking for references that may not show up on a cursory or even moderately-in-depth Googling. For instance, if you happen to know a guy whose brother-in-law has a store, etcetera.
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You've probably seen it already, but the MRE Info buying/selling forum is a place to find folks who could hook you up. French and British rations seem popular among its denizens.
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This doesn't help you but the British rations are great. After Katrina we received a case and right after Gustav we opened it up and I had the lamb and potatoes and it was great. Plus, the beef spread and biscuits were very tasty. That is all.
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