Get my shoes off the floor, please
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Please help me find a shoe rack. I can't believe I'm having such a hard time finding one.

I'm looking for a shoe rack to go by my front door. Our footwear ranges from bulky running shoes in men's size 13 to bedroom slippers in children's size 5, and we have a lot of it.

Qualities I'm looking for in a rack:

- available on-line in the US (or in a store in Seattle)
- around 20" tall, 42" wide, and 8" deep (wider and shallower than most racks)
- at least four shelves
- no bench on top
- sturdy
- shelves, not tiny cubbies
- wood would be best
- no tilting cubbies, doors to open, or racks to slide. Just shelves.

I have seen DWR's Side by Side Shoe Rack. It is lovely but expensive, and doesn't hold enough shoes.

We currently have Target's Stacking Shoe Rack for Twenty Pairs of Shoes. It's a cheap piece o' crap and falls apart daily.

I've seen Ikea's Leksvik. It's close, but wider and shorter than I want.

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How about this DIY project?

Just tweak it a bit for the size you like.
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No great matches, but here are a few with the widest wide dimension I could find (in cubbyless wooden shoe racks):

Container Store expandable shoe rack with foam grips - has bars rather than shelves, but expands to 46" wide; 8-1/2"d x 18" h; 3 shelves, $33

Woodlore modular cedar shoe rack - two shelves, ; 16"H x 10"D x 37-1/2"W ; $45

Gaiam stackable cedar shoe rack - one shelf, 5"H x 38"W x 12"D; $70 for two units
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Wow, those are some hard dimensions to find, especially the 8" deep. But the Proman Cedar Expandable 2-tier stacking shoe rack meets them all, once you stack enough of them. You can see a picture of them stacked here. And here it is at another site.
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I got something similar to that at Fred Meyer, except for the number of shelves. But, there were extra holes for more shelves, and you could probably buy more to add as many as you needed. It was several years ago, and I don't live there anymore, so I can't verify, but it was the one on 85th and Greenwood.
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They're shorter than what you are looking for, but stackable, so who knows. I bought two on sale online a couple months ago, I'm satisfied: JoS. A. Bank Cedar Shoe Rack.
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