What is the name of this book about an elephant caretaker?
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Help me find this book about an elephant caretaker...

I've been to the local bookstore, searched Amazon, but to no avail. The book is about an elderly man who had been training or acting as a caretaker for a single elephant for most of his life. He leaves the zoo for one reason or another, and his replacement comes to take care of the elephant. The man has a hard time letting go.

It's fiction (afaik!), and it has a short title, with the elephant's given name in it. The world "elephant" is not in the title.

Any help greatly appreciated! If I can find this book, it will be a nice surprise gift for someone who loved it.
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Sorry y'all. The word "caretaker" really helped my searches out. I was looking for Hannah's Dream.
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are you sure you're not thinking of Modoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived?
It seems to match your description as well as Hannah's Dream.
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