How can I not show Facebook fans?
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How can I make a Facebook page for my nonprofit, but not show fans?

I am making a Facebook page to promote an organization I work with, but my boss doesn't want to show our number of fans. We probably won't have many, and he thinks (rightly), that it will look sort of sad to say "So-and-so has 4 fans."

Is there a way to do this? When I am editing the page, all the other boxes have X's on them, and I can make them go away, but the "Fans" box isn't X-able.

It would be fine to just not HAVE any fans, too, instead of hiding them.

I'm trying to get this up ASAP, so any help would be SUPER appreciated. Thanks!
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The whole point of those pages are to get 'fans', so I'm fairly certain you can't hide the amount of fans you have. Not having any would still show up as 0 fans.
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I don't believe it's possible - 'fans' are a fairly integral part of Facebook Pages, they are even ranked in search listings by the number of fans. I couldn't see any straightforward way of removing the fan functionality.
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Just have more confidence in yourself - you'll probably have more than 4 fans after a while!
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Surely you (and other employees) have more than that many friends. Invite your friends to join at least temporarily as a favor to make the numbers look better.
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Also, if you don't allow your page to have fans, people won't be able to "subscribe" to your page. Fans of a page get notified when you make updates about events, fundraisers, etc. If you don't allow fans, no one will be able to participate on your page.
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Thanks everybody... disappointing, but that's what I needed to know.
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