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I'll be getting off the amtrak in Seattle on Thursday with a bicycle, a cumbersome backpack, and a laptop bag. Within an hour, I need to hit an appointment with a stock agency fairly near to the station. The only friend I know in Seattle is finishing up his term finals and can't pick me up - with car and roof rack - until later that evening.

Question is: how should I lighten my load for 4+ hours, so that I can hit my appointment, and wheel around downtown?
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There's a great coffee shop near the station called Zeitgeist Coffee. I wonder if you could call them now and arrange to leave your stuff there for a little while.
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Luggage locker at the train station. You can stow the bag there and lock the bike up outside with a good bicycle lock and get it all in the evening.
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if the agency is near the station anyway, why can't you just ride your bicycle there and lock it up outside? they're not going to care if you show up with a large backpack, you can just leave it with their front desk or receptionist if they have one.
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Call the King Street Station and ask about checking your larger bags for a few hours. We recently stayed overnight in Seattle, and we found the train folks to be knowledgeable and accommodating with our bike boxes and big lumpy parcels. I think they used to have lockers, but they were removed post-9-11.

The Amtrak page for King Street Station also recommends BikeStation for bike parking, and the Seattle location says "parking is free of charge to non-members during their staffed hours of operation".
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You can leave your luggage and such in the train station for as long as you want for $2 (or maybe $3 a bag). Last winter I asked a related question and did exactly that until I came back in the evening to take the train northbound to Bellingham.
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Oh, and BikeStation is "Conveniently located in Pioneer Square near King Street Station."
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Definitely check the baggage at the train station - it's staffed, and inexpensive. You don't want to be biking around Seattle with a huge backpack around. Just bike there with your laptop, and you'll be much happier.

If you are hungry afterwards, King Street Station is also right on the border to the International District, where there are some cheap, fantastic restaurants to eat at.
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Find someone from Couchsurfing near that area. Then you can freshen up and leave the stuff there till you get back.
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