What can I do with crabapples?
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What can I do with crabapples?

The trees outside of my apartment are heavy with crabapples, which are just about ripe right now. I can't eat them straight, but can I cook something nice with them? A jam, for example? All ideas welcome; personal experience a plus; links to recipes are great.

I'm a novice in most cooking skills but willing to experiment. I don't have any special equipment, but I could buy something if there was a decent chance of re-use.
[stipulate that the crabapples are mine]
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Crabapple Jelly is all I know....tasty however.
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Do as the American frontiersmen did and make hard apple cider and apple jack out of it! Here's a recipe that doesn't use a cider press, although it would be cooler if you made your own cider press.
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I'm not sure where you are...but here in the north (michigan) crabapples are a staple for birds that return in the spring.. Robins, for instance, get back here before the worms/insects are available, they survive on crab apples...

leave a few on the trees for the birds... please
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My mom used to marinate them / pickle them... not sure of the exact process but their crunchiness was an asset.
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Ditto Crabapple jelly -- the yummiest, and so pretty. Don't make it too sweet though, go easy on the sugar and let a bit of the crabby tartness remain.
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When I was a kid we used to have massive kid wars with them. It was crabapples verses plums. Crabapples hurt like hell but plums make a huge mess and will stain your clothes -- guaranteed to get a whuppin' from Mom later.

Barring that, applesauce or cider would be good. I know that we can rent a press from the local brew store, Steinbart's. Maybe there's some place like that in your neck of the woods if you're not up for making a press on your own. Get a buncha friends to help!
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cattle food, horses or pigs nearby?
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cattle food, horses or pigs nearby?

Nah, I live in a city. These are good answers, though! Keep 'em coming. Thanks!
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