What is this DVD cataloging site?
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There's a site that lets you keep a list of your DVDs online. All you have to enter is the disc's scan code or whatever, and it pulls up all the info. I can't remember the name of that site. Mopster? Flupster? Trixtr? Pls help.
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There are several. DVDaficianado.com is one.
posted by dobbs at 3:25 PM on September 14, 2004

Yeah, that's not it. I had started an account on something that looked a lot slicker.
posted by muckster at 3:32 PM on September 14, 2004

You're probably thinking of guzzlefish.
posted by blueshammer at 4:03 PM on September 14, 2004

I use the IMDB one, but DVDchums maybe?
posted by milovoo at 4:08 PM on September 14, 2004

Hooray, that's it, blueshammer, and my account is still working, too. Thanks all.
posted by muckster at 4:13 PM on September 14, 2004

mediachest.com is good too
posted by reverendX at 4:33 PM on September 14, 2004

mediachest.com rather :-(
posted by reverendX at 4:34 PM on September 14, 2004

LOL, I like the "estimated value" of your DVD library that guzzlefish supplies. Good for the ego, and to show your wife/girlfriend to help legitimize your obsession. Muckster's admirable 228-disc library is valued at over $6,000, or about $27.50 per title.

If that's the case, SELL THEM NOW!!

When I went to convert my laserdisc library to DVD, retail buy-back outlets offered me $1 (maybe $2) for most titles. I ended up selling the collection through eBay for a fairer price, but at some point we're all going to have to prepare to upgrade our libraries to HD-DVD and begin the collection process over again. Sell 'em while they're hot, I say!
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