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Recommend me some hardcore punk.

I dig Gorilla Biscuits, Aus-Rotten, Black Flag (only up to Damaged though), Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, that sort of thing, and I need more.
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Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Husker Du
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Millions of Dead Cops (aka MDC)
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Fucked Up is a pretty new band making great throwback-punk that sounds like it comes from the early 90's. Totally awesome.
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Comeback Kid, Carry On, Bane.
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7 Seconds. Bonus points for still being around.
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80s Hardcore? A few:

Social Unrest - Rat In A Maze
Bad Religion - Anything before "Against The Grain"
Toxic Reasons - Independence
Youth Brigade
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Descendents. Ok they are a little more pop-punk than hardcore punk, but if you like GB, Black Flag, etc. you should like the Descendents. Start with "Milo Goes to College."

Also: Life Sentence, Underdog, Eye for an Eye .. and watch "American Hardcore" - great documentary about early hardcore punk.
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The Cro-Mags, Squirrel Bait
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Negative Approach, Corrosion of Conformity, The State, The Necros, Human Wick Effect, The Meatmen, Negative FX, The Dicks, Angry Samoans, the first Bad Religion records, The Exploited, The Ex, The Crucifucks, Disgust, Pittbull…
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Agnostic Front.
The Crucifucks.
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Oh, and I like Fucked Up… They're kinda prog-hardcore, if that makes sense.
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Local-H is pretty hot too. Lots of my other collection is already listed. I kind of grew from Punk to straight HC, although I dig some cheesecore like Screeching Weasel.

On the hardcore front, I popped my cherry to Sick of it All (live first!), then H2O, Stretch Armstrong...etc. See if you can find a band list for Warped Tour circa 1997-2000. It's pretty much sucked since then---but for a couple years it was pretty badass.
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Born Against
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Charles Bronson
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The Germs
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The Beltones
Agnostic Front
No Use for a Name
Sick of It All

Minor Threat? That's got to be included in "that sort of thing".
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Not So Quiet on the Western Front is the greatest comp that ever lived
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The Zero Boys are one of the great overlooked punk bands of the 80's
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What, Camofrog?
Not The Punk, the Bad and the Ugly?

Some damn fine music on that one.
It frightens and confuses me that the best link I can find is a MySpace page.
Good shit.
Christ on a Crutch
Swingin Utters

God I love that album.
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Early Toxic Reasons
Oi Polloi
Flag of Democracy
Articles of Faith
Raw Power
Corrosion of Conformity from the "Eye for an Eye" days.

The list is potentially endless.
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The Beastie Boys started out hardcore. You might want to check out the (aptly-named) Some Old Bullshit compilation, although the 1995 EP Aglio e Olio is vastly superior IMO.
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Nthing Bad Religion (I just saw them Friday, it's been years - I forgot how awesome they are live) and would also add D.R.I. to those other bands already mentioned.
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Forgot the hardest band of them all: DISCHARGE.
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JFA (Jodie Foster's Army)
Minutemen, esp Double Nickles on the Dime
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My God. The Meatmen were REAL? I thought they were just a bad college-era hallucination. I mean, "Kisses in the Sunset" wasn't an actual recording, was it?

This is really screwing with my head.

Also, Fear, if you can find anything by them anymore.
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A good case can be made that either The Middle Class and/or DOA were the first two bands to turn punk into hardcore.

Although the punk, new wave and proto-punk scene of New York that centered around CBGBs (and the Ramones, Blondie, Television, Patti Smith, Dead Boys, etc) gets more attention, the late 1970s and early 1980s L.A. scene had a number of great and less well known bands known very much worth checking out: the Urinals (became 100 Flowers), Alley Cats, Flesheaters, Dils, Weirdos, Black Randy & the Metrosquad, Skulls, TSOL, Gun Club, Adolescents, Agent Orange, Descendents, etc. Along hardcore, try also the DC Dischord scene: Minor Threat, Faith, Void, Scream, Rites of Spring, etc.

My own tastes tend to run more towards early punk and garage/protopunk (Seeds, Sonics, Iggy, Velvets, MC5, Link Wray, 13th Floor Elevators, Cramps), but nevertheless here are some classic punk and punk-related records that still stand the test of time for me:

The Pagans--Buried Alive
X--Wild Gift
Vibrators--Pure Mania
The Only Ones--The Only Ones
The Saints--The Monkey Puzzle
Wire--Pink Flag
The Damned--Damned Damned Damned
Bad Brains--Rock For Light
Minutemen--What Makes a Man Start Fires
Saccharine Trust--Pagan Icons
The Avengers--The Avengers
Buzzcocks--Singles Going Steady
Sham 69--Tell Us the Truth
Stiff Little Fingers--Inflammable Material
Gang of Four--Entertainment!
Joy Division--Unknown Pleasures
Eater--The Album
Adverts--Crossing the Red Sea with the Adverts
Swell Maps--A Trip to Marineville
TV Personalities--They Could Have Been Bigger than the Beatles
Gun Club--Fire of Love
Kleenex/Liliput--Complete Recordings
X Ray Spex--Germ Free Adolescents
The Adolescents--The Adolescents
Descendents--Milo Goes to College
Circle Jerks--Group Sex
The Partisans--The Partisans
Crass--The Feeding of the 5000
Minor Threat--Out of Step
Butthole Surfers--Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac
Pere Ubu--The Modern Dance
Minutemen--Double Nickels on the Dime
Husker Du--Everything Falls Apart
Faith/Void split LP
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and along these lines, also try:
Negative Trend--We Don't Play, We Riot
Flipper--Album and/or Gone Fishing
Sun City Girls--Grotto of Miracles and/or Torch of the Mystics
Meat Puppets--Meat Puppets and/or Meat Puppets II
Mission of Burma--VS. and/or Signals, Calls and Marches
(This last one puts you further afield, but what constitutes punk is tricky business. Even experimental pioneers like Captain Beefheart and CAN were in some sense punk)

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Nthing Fucked Up. Last real punk record that made me smile.

Bands yet to be mentioned: Avail, Poison Idea, Dillinger Four (hooky, but Punk As Fuck).

Bands that need mentioning twice: Agnostic Front, MDC, JFA.
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Squirrel Bait! Fuck yeah, man! And Scratch Acid!

*goes on torrenting spree*

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gang green
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Yeah, I forgot JFA. And The Urinals still play around LA (another MeFite opened up for 'em about a month ago).

There are also a slew of bands that spun off from the slow hardcore Flipper style, like the Brainbombs and Rusted Shut. And there are the noisecore bands like Hella, and grindcore bands like Napalm Death. Which, if you're including The Misfits, well, they're about equally far from hardcore in my humble.

(In fact, a lot of bands on this thread don't really have the canonical hardcore sound—The Minutemen and Husker Du both broke out of trad hardcore pretty quick, and if you like them, there's a whole bevy of art-punk bands that would serve you equally well. Just like, man, I love me some Gun Club, but I have a hard time calling them hardcore.)
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Another classic compilation: Not So Quiet on the Western Front
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Response by poster: Just to clarify, I'm not looking for classic 70's punk rock, I'm looking for hardcore.
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klangklangston--agreed. And this documentary film covers hardcore more than punk.

Hardcore was really those bands that sprang up in the second wave of punk (the first wave of "punk" and its related genres--industrial, oi, ska, new wave, etc--being everything from say 1977 to 1981 and including the Dictators, Throbbing Gristle, New York Dolls, Germs, X, Dead Boys, the Mekons, the Sex Pistols, Clash, the Jam, the Fall, Cockney Rejects, Pere Ubu, and Rough Trade bands like Young Marble Giants, etc etc etc)...early 1980s American suburban hardcore came in the wake of bands like Middle Class, DOA, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Angry Somoans, TSOL/Circle One, Flesheaters, the Crowd and FEAR: aka Dischord bands like SOA (Henry Rollins' first band), Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Marginal Man, and also bands like MDC, Necros, 7 Seconds, False Prophets, Reagan Youth, Youth Brigade, Cause For Alarm, Agnostic Front, Meatmen, SNFU, DRI, the Vandals, Poison Idea, SSDecontrol and the Boston HC scene, etc. Bands like the Big Boys, Wipers, Gun Club or Social Distortion never really fit into that scene since they did not just play fast, fast, fast. Later post-grunge punk bands like the Dwarves also fell between the cracks.
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also: pick up old issues of the fanzines Flip Side and Maximum Rock n Roll from say 1981/82 to 1985 and one will find zillions of hardcore bands to learn about. It's endless.
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Two important early 80s Chicago punk/hardcore bands were The Effigies and Naked Raygun
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blatant self promotion: Hong Kong Blonde
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Check out the Profane Existence and Havoc record labels for more recent underground Hardcore/Crust/Thrash/Power Violence/Grindcore stuff.
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Hardcore you say? Why, I have just the thing here for you:

Kid Dynamite

Look Back and Laugh
The Sainte Catharines
Shook Ones
Shai Hulud
Some Girls

That should get you started. All these bands with the exception of Kid Dynamite and Some Girls are still together. Also, if you don't own anything by Refused yet you should get on it. In summation, to quote a wise goat: "Have good mosh pitting!"
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Seconding Stretch Armstrong... if you like GB, you'll like Ignite and Champion (who are totally sXe) most likely. For more socal HC sound, there's Death by Stereo and The Locust.
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This is Boston, Not L.A.

you dance the same you act the same you look the same you are the same there's nothing new and youre to blame. this boston not l.a. this is boston not l.a. this is boston fuck l.a.!
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Official trailer for 2006 film American Hardcore: The History of american Punk Rock 1980-86.

Some more 1980s H.C. bands to also consider: Channel Three, Articles of Faith, Toxic Reasons, Suicidal Tendencies, Murphy's Law, Kraut, die Kreuzen, COC, Code of Honor, FUs, Jerrys Kids, Neon Christ, DRI, Seven Year Bitch, Lunachicks, BGK, Twisted Roots, Mentors, Koro, Negative Approach, Nihilistics, Subhumans (UK and Can.), Crucifucks, Aggression, DYS, Dicks, Ill Repute, etc
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Seconding Born Against and adding Das Oath and Converge. Converge is clearly amongst the most aggresive and efficient band working today.
I'm also a fan of Nation of Ulysses.
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Swing Kids
Man is the Bastard
Wrangler Brutes (Sam McPheeters' band after Born Against/Men's Recovery Project)
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Fugazi, of course! Along with Terror, Betrayed, and seconding Carry On (my brother's old band!).
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Rate Your Music is... not for everyone. But take a look. You can play around with the chart too.
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I only need two:

Bad Brains
The Germs
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A couple of people mentioned DOA as one of the progenitors of it all -- definitely one of my faves, since the early '80s when I was right there in the scene in Vancouver, but don't bother with anything after the first four albums: Something Better Change, Hardcore '81, War on '45 and Bloodied But Unbowed. Their live shows continued to kick ass for a good long while after that, but the albums, no, not so much.
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