Please name your picks for the best food/shops near LA's Red Line.
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Angelenos who ride the Red Line: What are your favorite stops and why? Which ones are the best in terms of being within easy walking distance to shops, restaurants, etc? I just moved into an apartment two blocks from the Vermont/Wilshire stop, and would like to take full advantage of the Metro rail system - especially the Red Line. I'm originally from Pasadena, so I've already seen everything over there. I also have a car, but would like to avoid the urban gauntlet of LA's streets as much as possible.
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Have you checked out the posts on Chowhound? There's been quite a few Red Line queries there.
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I've done a tour of the red line's stations - just out of boredom, and it's a cop-out answer, but Hollywood and Highland (or Hollywood and Vine). Okay, we're talking the middle of Hollywood here, but it is probably the "best" in terms of walking distance to shops and restaurants. Hollywood and Vine, however, gives you easy access to the Arclight at Sunset and Vine, as well as Amoeba Music on Sunset.

Universal City is a waste of time - there's absolutely zilch there /except/ Universal Studios a ten minute walk up the hill. Well, I lie - there's one restaurant, Miceli's, but there's a Miceli's in Hollywood.. Universal Studios Citywalk is only worth a visit if you've never been before. It's free to enter and is made up of about 30 myriad shops and low-brow restaurants - chockablock with tourists, although they have nice performers on days like Cinco de Mayo..

North Hollywood is a like it or love it proposition. I'm not a fan, and when I got off there I was back on the metro within 10 minutes - some people rave about the place but I don't get it.
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The Vermont and Santa Monica stop will place you within easy walking distance of Scoops and Pure Luck, which are two of my favorite place to eat in Los Angeles.

Vermont and Sunset will place you at the corner where the Weekend Shuttle to the Observatory in Griffith Park picks up passengers.
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Big Wangs just opened up another location across the street from the North Hollywood station.
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