Should my Mom Moo?
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I love my Moo cards , but if you only have design/color for your business cards- is it still worth going with Moo?

I've convinced my Mom to go with Moo after seeing my Moo minicards- the color saturation is amazing and the cards feel so thick and sturdy and pleasant.

But whereas I got a ton of different photos on my cards, she only has one design for her businesscard. I assume part of the reason the prices are somewhat higher on Moo than other sites is that they offer to let you do LOTS of different designs/colors- up to 50, I think for the 200 card pack she's interested in. Since she only has one design, would she be better off going to a different card place? Where would have the quality that we really like about Moo?
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PS- we're already sure we don't like and have read some very, very bad reviews of Overnight Prints.
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Oops, that should have been ONE design/color for your business cards! Sorry!
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Well, I just went through the process with a single image, and (here in the UK) it came up as £34.99 for 200 cards, which is about $70.

Having had cards printed by other suppliers, the reason you pay more with Moo cards is that they're simply better quality. I don't think you get a discount for just using a single image, it's really the quality of printing and card stock you're paying for.
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While I haven't used them yet (I've been planning on it, just haven't gotten around to it), I've heard relatively good things about Overnight Prints. Is that link that only thing you've found? It's one person saying they had the "most horrendous run in with a company in my life" with no other explanation. Not too substantial in my eyes.
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niles ~ Well, my Mom found a good bit more- search for Overnight Prints reviews on google, and you'll probably find the same stuff she did.

Happy Dave ~ I'm not looking for a discount from Moo, I'm asking if part of the premium price is for numerous designs (which usually cost an arm and a leg elsewhere) and if so, if similar print/paper quality can be found elsewhere.
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I've had nothing but excellent luck and excellent customer service from Overnight Prints. I've been using them for 3 years and have done 18 different print jobs with them, all different. I have also had really good customer service with them when there was an alignment issue with one of the projects. Seriously, I recommend them to everyone without hesitation.

As for Moo cards, they're cute. Expensive when you start thinking about volume, but cute. They do get bent quite easily, but I've used them a few times, as well.
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FWIW I've discovered that the small moo cards get lost amongst the shuffle of standard sized cards. Sure the first impression is "gee that's different", but then the small moo cards get put away with other standard sized cards and poof.
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Oh- and it is me that has the moo mini cards. My Mom is considering the standard sized business cards, not the small ones.
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Moo is a very good deal, regardless of how many designs you get, for coated thick stock with passable color. They don't use a 4 color process like most printers, which is why you'll get better color with someone else. But they're not bad at all. I use them for calling cards and some promotional stuff.

I've loved everything I've gotten from especially the satin finish which everyone who touches them goes "ooh!" and the color repro is much better than Moo. However it will cost you around 5 times as much for a short run.
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