Birtday idea for mother turning 60?
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Help us wow our mother for her 60th birthday in November. She loves natural beauty, travel, her granddaughter, watching music and dance, massages, and antique/carpet/porcelin/etc. shopping on the cheap. I'm in NY, my siblings are in TX, and she's in Los Angeles. We want to make this special, and might consider travel, but we only have three days. Suggestions?
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I would definitely fly to see her! She only turns 60 once and you never know how many birthdays shes going to have. Don't tell her you're coming but make sure your dad knows or somebody close to her if hes not around. It would suck if you got there and she was somewhere else. My mom is turning 60 in Oct. She said the only thing she wants is for me to be there.
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A trip to Santa Fe, NM? Or maybe quick tour of West Texas: Marfa, Alpine, Fort Davis, etc?
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If you can't fly there, I wouldn't worry about it. If you all still live so far apart, she has made her peace with the distance (with whatever she has to contend with) and should understand that you are all not going to pop up regularly without some financial planning.

YES it would be extraordinary if you did, but while a nice idea, it could also be a $$$$ of money just to spend a few hours and then go stay in a nearby hotel, I just don't know your situation.

Just another few ideas,

A bunch of yarn, knitting needles or a crochet hook, and a book ...

I Know it's trite, but ... a spa basket

Embroidery supplies/Cross-stitch supplies

There are actually reasons why crafts are so useful ! They actually not only engage people trying to learn things again, but they give people satisfaction in having the opportunity to make really personalized gifts for others.
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