Where could I find an electromechanical sign?
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So if I wanted to find an old school electro-mechanical signboard, where would I find such an animal? I seem to remember the stock exchange or train stations used to have something similar but I've google my brains out and can't seem find anything. I have the feeling that they're handbuilt, so has anyone seen any plans or schematics for one?
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Are you thinking of something like the one seen at this blog? I'm not sure of the exact term for that type of signage, except maybe arrival/departure sign?

I work in electronic message displays (specifically LED signs). Sometimes customers (or the customers sign shops) need digits or text scrollers retro-fitted to existing setups. You might ask around at sign shops or current arrival/departure sign makers to find out what those signs are called and if they know who the manufacturers were. I'm guessing they were mostly hand-built and that there were probably only a few big makers in the industry. Model railroad enthusiasts might have some leads, as well.

Happy hunting!
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That's almost exactly like what I'm looking for, the only difference is it flips tiles to change the text, in a rotary fashion...
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I remember those. Back in the day, they were astonishingly fast and elegant — white letters and numbers on black background, one of the first widespread use of Helvitica, if memory serves. You can catch a glimpse of them in movies from the period.

Apparently they are called a Solari departure board, a type of split flap display made by Solari di Udine.
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You want flip-dot signs.
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