Who to file a complaint with for a problem with a US locality domain registrar?
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Who is the appropriate party to file a complaint with, for a problem with a US locality (*.portland.or.us, NOT *.us) domain registrar that is not updating DNS records as requested?

Five years ago or so, it took over a year (not joking...) for the registrar update my DNS records and only after numerous emails, faxes, and letters. Time to move servers again, and I've already waited over a month with no results. The registrar's website says they are going to start charging for this wonderful service next year. Who can I complain to about their current service so I might see some action taken on my DNS request; who can I complain to to suggest *.portland.or.us domains be moved to another registrar?
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Sorry, hasty. Have you tried complaining to Neulevel itself, which appears to be the registrar?
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Have you already talked to support.us@neustar.us? They handle the delegation of locality domains in .us. You might ask them for the phone number of the person that supports it..

Another lead would be erice@ci.portland.or.us. That's the site administrator for Portland Online. They should be able to point you in the right direction, anyway..

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