Segmented disc burning on a mac.
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Segmented disc burning on a mac. I have 150gb of disc-image backups on a 200gb drive. I need to burn them off so i can make a fresh set. Impression 2 offers segmented direct-to-disc backup, but apparently relies on Apple's built-in discburning, which requires loads of swap space per job - in this instance, if i were to burn it all at once (I won't, believe me!) I'd need around 300gb of swap space. Which I don't have. Can recent versions of Toast do this? What about the granpappy of Mac bak, Retrospect (licensing issues aside)? [gigabytes inside]

Here are the image sizes (in GB, as promised):
  • 2.46
  • 4.19
  • 4.83
  • 4.85
  • 4.85
  • 5.84
  • 7.62
  • 8.6
  • 11.4
  • 12.13
  • 15.68
  • 32.99
  • 33.23
I left some fiddly bits off. Looks like I might be able to burn off the first 5 images or so, about 21gb, with no difficulty. That leaves me with 127gb in unsegmented data.

Should I just mount the volumes and use Carbon Copy Cloner to write new segmeted backups, one at a time?

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Response by poster: I say! Someone that knows who I is!
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I can answer at least a bit of the question: No, Toast won't do what you're trying to accomplish. Save your money.
posted by majick at 10:58 PM on September 11, 2004

I don't know why you can't just use Disk Copy to move small numbers of volumes at a time to another disc.
posted by joeclark at 7:48 AM on September 12, 2004

Response by poster: eh? Isn't Disk Copy an OS9 relic?
posted by mwhybark at 11:12 AM on September 12, 2004

Response by poster: joe - after a bit of poking around, I see what you mean. In 10.2, Disk Copy offered segmented disk imaging, and it's said to operate in 10.3.

Here's a script from macosxhints to segment into new disk image files from extant volumes or disk images.
posted by mwhybark at 11:17 PM on September 12, 2004

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