Swordmanship basics?
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My roommate doing a play that requires stage combat with swords (most likely two handed). They don't have an instructor on swordsmanship so he was hoping to learn some basics. Are there any free online resources that may have some instructional videos or examples? Safety is most important to him and his co-actor so he'd rather not make it up on his own if he doesn't have to. (that's it, no more inside)
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Find a local fencing club and ask if they have anyone with experience in stage fencing. A surprising number of people who are into fencing have experience with this, and as you mentioned, you do not want to wing this. Of course two-handed sward-fighting isn't exactly the same as fencing, but a lot of the moves will be easy to adapt.
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Better yet, contact the local SCA.
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You might check the 'Net for videos. If I remember right, even Museum Replicas used to (and maybe still does) sell videos that are pretty specifically for stage fighting.
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how professional does it have to be?
people i know from respected community and uni theatres have gotten away with mock sparring slow so they end up figuring out a choreography, to get a good rhythm figure out each others strengths in stance for the audience, improv a little. (i guess the back and forth of stagefight is the standard, where one attacks, the other parries/blocks, alternating as necessary for drama/comedy.) works out rather naturally if there is definite stop blocking for the following action, etc.
if it's period, there are sites of specific weapons medieval, cultures, with clips or illustrated guildes for grip, posture, etc.
search specific weapon/country/era--
(danny kaye could do it for real, i suggest you rent him)
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