DIY Restaurant in Seattle???
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My birthday is coming up, and in my search for something novel and exciting to do I was told that somewhere in Seattle (possibly in the Lake Union area) there is a restaurant where you can bring a group of people, select a menu, learn how to prepare it, and then feast on the fruits of your labor. Does anyone have ANY idea if this place exists, and if so where it is??? Google has failed me utterly.
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First, I suggest chowhound or yelp seattle if askme can't come up with any answers. Second, I can't help but think that this restaurant concept sounds rather unrealistic-- how could a place possibly afford the labor and space to serve more than a few groups a night? Obviously, I could be wrong-- but I wonder if you are thinking of in-home cooking classes like Chef Nance or these people, or a culinary school which offers private parties?

Regardless, I hope the above suggestions are helpful if nobody more familiar with Seattle and/or Google is able to name your restaurant.
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Um, or maybe it is this: the Blue Ribbon Cooking & Culinary Center, which offers "Hands-on participation;
A sit-down meal including all dishes prepared in class;
Printed copies of all recipes covered in class"
Have fun!
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Check out

I know there is at least one more org that does this in the area, mostly for corporate team functions, but I can't remember the name. I've done CC though and it was awesome.
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WOW! Those are really expensive! *frown* That sucks because they sound really really cool! I just can't see a lot of my friends and family being able to spend close to $100 just to attend my birthday (not in this economy) and I KNOW I can't float almost $2k for it!

But thank you for all your help there! Maybe for my 40th I can sweet talk this outta someone.... :D
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Designed Dinners has a store in Seattle's Madison Valley.
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More about Culinary Communion from this week's Stranger. They do an occasional event where guests meet, then help slaughter and butcher, the animal that is served.
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