How do you juggle anti-anxiety meds and tiredness?
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How do you juggle anti-anxiety meds and tiredness?

I've lately been added on to Tranxene, which seems to work as reasonably well as anything ever has for specifically anxiety. I'm on Lexapro too. Yet, I think the two combine to do a doozy on me sometimes with the tiredness. On one hand, of course I love the fact that both are working in tandem to reduce my anxiety but on the other hand unless I'm doing some physical activity, I get fairly tired. In particular, I get pretty tired when I'm doing homework. It's only physical activities like driving, basketball, tennis, whatever that I don't feel the tiredness because of just the sheer adrenaline factor.

How have any of you on anxiety/depression meds (or both) juggled the need to be "relaxed" (like say, meeting people, dating, or working at your job) with the need for energy in other activities (like school, phone calls, etc)?

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Response by poster: Just wanted to add, I know it's a double edged sword wanting to be relaxed with these meds, but I also want energy for when I need it. Does it work like that ? lol
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Not to point out the obvious, but benzodiazepines's are partially sedatives. Its not likely the mix of the two that is making you tired, but simply the tranxene.
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Also, you may just have too much - anxiety is pretty indiosyncratic about its dosage. I can take twice as much as my husband, but I'm waaay more nervous. Or, the drug isn't agreeing with you. Call your doctor; try something else, or try taking less.
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Benzodiazepines also have a rather vicious withdrawal. Don't stop taking the Tranxene without talking to your doctor.

If, for whatever reason, you decide you want to stop taking the Tranxene, you have to taper off, a process that usually takes a couple of months.
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I have been on Chantix for five days and have deffo felt tired, especially yesterday when I was on my first two pill day. I seem to really feel it about four hours after taking either pill. I take on in the morning, typically around 8 a.m. with a glass of water and then have breakfast. I start to feel very groggy at 12 or 1 and then slowly regain my composure if I managed to stumble out of the office for a sandwich. I welcome the grogginess at night, because it feels kind of old-school for me to just nod off and with Chantix the dreams have been extraordinary.
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I'm on Cymbalta for anxiety as well as Klonopin as needed (a few times a week). The only thing I have found to help with the tiredness is to take my meds right as I go to sleep instead of when I wake up. If I take them at night, normally I will feel pretty refreshed in the morning.
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If this is a recent addition, give it time. Klonopin used to practically knock me out. Now it just takes the edge off my anxiety and I'm fine for normal activities. Make sure to take it with food; that will dampen the feeling of tiredness. You're not drinking alcohol, are you?
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You can always deal with this by not taking them until after you do your homework.

Tranxene has a blood half-life of 48 hours. Postponing taking the pills is unlikely to have any noticeable effect.
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Make sure that, along with the medicine, you're also practicing alternate methods of relaxation. Benzos are fantastic for slicing through the anxiety, but it need not be the only thing in your toolkit.

Whenever I take mine, I also go through a brief physical-mental routine that helps me to be aware of my body and mind, and my own security. The meds help me to calm down, but when I can't have the meds (due to needing to be fully alert, or not having any with me), I can still do something to help my body relax, and it gets easier with practice & muscle memory.

For now, since Tranxene has such a long half-life, I'd recommend what others have said re: changing dosage. You may wish to look into others in the benzo family too: Xanax hits me like a bus, but Klonapin is just right.
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Shit, I went on anti-anxieties because I got pretty tired when I was doing homework--studying was the very thing that set off my anxieties, and Xanax made it possible for me to study. So, yeah, talk to your doc about changing your cocktail.
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I think what I take is Lexapro (Cipramil in the UK). I find my stabiliser makes me absolutely exhausted, but prior to sodium valproate I was on carbamazepine and it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. You might want to go to your doctor as, while changing your meds might not solve the problem, it might be the lesser of two evils.

I had nervous exhaustion during my finals and the doctor suggested exercise. Easier said than done if you're dropping dead, though!
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