Where can I find pastel oxford dress shirts, size 14?
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Where can I find oxford type dress school shirts in a size 14? I am looking for pastel school shirts, size 14. I have the normal colors (yellow, pink blue white) but I want green, orange etc. The better the brand (Ralph lauren, tommy hilifiger), the better. I know polo doesn't make size 14, and I would like direct links to the item not just brand websites. Btw, I want oxford with the buttons on the collar, not dress shirts and also the cheaper the better but thats not really an issue. Thanks
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Women's size 14?
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Short sleeve oxfords in pastels, are you looking for short or long sleeve? What type of fabric, all cotton or is a blend is okay?
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LL Bean?
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Response by poster: boys size 14, cotton or a blend whatever, and long sleeve
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Response by poster: yeah those other two are no good i want boys. sorry for not specifying
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I know polo doesn't make size 14

I assume by this that you mean "men's neck size 14," since Polo Ralph Lauren certainly makes button-down shirts in women's size 14.

This is a toughie--the standard US men's sizing starts at neck size 14.5. You might be better off ordering shirts from a UK seller like Charles Tyrwhitt; the prices are pretty comparable to Polo's, and the sizing starts at 14.
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You mean a 14 inch neck? What sleeve length? What "blends" are acceptable? (My opinion: cotton or linen or silk; synthetics are bad in shirts.)
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Okay, now I am even more confused. Polo Ralph Lauren absolutely makes oxford shirts in boys' size 14.
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Daniel Cremieux via Dillards sells this size. However, I'm having a tough time finding any greens or oranges anywhere.
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Here's a green one on ebay.
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Response by poster: ok..i didnt really specifiy this the first time

-i want different colors of green orange purple etc
- boys 14 size
- the need to be solid (no stripes)

any ideas?
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Response by poster: no links have cut it so far, because i have pink and yello..and of course white and blue

no not 14 neck size 14 shirt size
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Your posts have been pretty hard to follow so far, so you shouldn't be surprised that you're not getting the answers you want.

Here (I think) is what you're saying:

You want oxford button-down shirts in boys' size 14. You already have all the colors that are offered in the Polo Ralph Lauren boys' oxford, the LL Bean boys' oxford, and the Land's End boys' oxford.

So you're looking for some other vendors that offer different colors in boys' size 14. I'm not seeing anything out there.
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Response by poster: ya thats exactly what i want
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This is a tough one. I find that big department stores carry lots of things they don't show on their web sites, so I would suggest checking their boys sections in person.

I found a link that implied a site called Kelly Kids had a purple button down shirt, but I can't get the site to load.

This one seems to come in light purple.

These two probably aren't quite right:

I don't know what a boys size 14 is on the S M L scale, but here's a navy blue oxford at Target.

Not a color, but the last one I could find is in "putty."
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Eddie Bauer carried 1-4x sizes in these type shirts in their catalog some time ago.

CAVEAT: They seem to have cut them smaller during the past two years, so order a size larger than what you usually wear. So far Lands' End hasn't pulled this.
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You can do custom tailored shirts for between $49-69 for a blend fabric (+$11 in duties, more for all cotton or fancier fabrics). All sorts of colors on offer, and since it's custom, just send the proper measurements, no worries about men's/boy's.

This is just the first place I turned up with all the prices and options laid out nicely - I know nothing about them. You might contact tailors in your own town to see what they offer.
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